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Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Kuala Lumpur (Sin Chew Daily/ANN) - Residents in Bentong have recently discovered a hot spring lake with natural "miracle water" and mud said to have treatment effects to revitalise skin.
About 20 residents enjoy the hot spring bath here at six every morning to wash fatique away. It is also said that the hot spring lake has some treatment effects that can improve skin health.
More and more women have followed their husbands to the lake as they believe that the lake water could improve health while the black mud have skin whitening effect.
Yi Guan Feng said that when she baths in the lake with her husband and friends in the morning, she smears mud across her face and limbs. She cleans her body 10 minutes later when the mud become half dry.
She said that the water has treatment effects, including promoting blood circulation. She was amazed to find that freckles on her face have been reduced and her skin health has also been improved.
Although the environment here is poor due to mismanagement, many people still visit the site, particularly during weekends and holidays because of its significant treatment effects.
Peng Hui Xin is a frequent visitor to the lake since 2003. He goes at 6.50am from Monday to Friday and baths for about an hour.
He said that there was a black spot about the size of a 50 sen on his forehead and the black spot had gradually faded since he started bathing here. He found that his wrinkles have also been reduced and he now has a smooth and bright forehead.
Meanwhile, arthritis patient Yang Li Wen said that it is unbelievable to find that the pain of his leg has eased after he started to bath in the lake.

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